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Moonies Since 9/30/98

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Sailor MoonWelcome to the new and improved Sailor Moon Palace! I hope you like the new design. I tried to make it better for all my visitors with brighter colors and a larger font. Feel free to comment anytime by clicking on the e-mail link or mail me at I will respond to all e-mails I get!

Sailor JupiterTo help this site grow, be sure to visit my sponsors and purchase something. The CyberThrill Casino gives me 20 for each unique click-thru, so be sure to click it once a day to help go towards a bigger domain with CGI. I've gotten some e-mails asking if I knew where to find Sailor Moon videos and CDs.. well check out my Music & Video Shop to see them! All links to external sites open in a new window, so feel free to click away!

Sailor MercuryBefore you start cruising, be sure to check out the Copyright & Usage Info page for information on what you can and can't take. I work hard on this site, so I'd appreciate it if you stick to my rules. If you do, I'm sure you'll enjoy this site alot!

Sailor VenusI plan on updating this site alot like I used to do with the old site, so if you haven't joined my list yet, you might want to do so. I'll send out a newsletter about once a month (no more than once a week) informing you of news and updates. You can also check out the What's New? page to find out the info. Click here to join my list.

Sailor MarsFor your convenience, I put a few popular areas on the left side for quick navigation. At the bottom of this page are links to areas within the site. Check out the Site Directory for a full list with descriptions. Not all links may be working, but will be soon. I'm trying to find as much unique and/or rare Sailor Moon things as I can along with providing you with standard stuff so that you can make this your first Sailor Moon stop! I'm planning on updating this site everytime I come across something new, so you might want to join my list to be notified!

Chibi MoonI hope you enjoy my site and look foward to more! I want only the best for all you Sailor Moon fans out there! Be sure to come back soon because I'm spending hundreds of hours building this site and it will definitely be worth your while to check on it often! Be sure to see A Special Goodbye and sign my guestbook on your way out!

Sailor PlutoIf you have any questions, be sure to check out the Site FAQ before you e-mail me. I will answer all e-mails, but I never know when I get around to checking e-mail, so it would be better for you to check the FAQ first. If you still don't find your answer, your question along with my answer, might be posted on the FAQ page, so ask good ones!

Sailor SaturnBelow are links to the main areas of this site. Remember you can check out the Site Directory for descriptions for each area. If I think of new things to add, they will be added to this table. As you can see, I have ALOT of stuff for you to see, so enjoy it all! I have fun working on this site and put alot into it, so I hope you have fun surfing it! Puleeze vote for my site, too!

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