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Web Graphics

Welcome to my Web Graphics section! I've made a few Sailor Moon graphics for you to use on your own site. They are all free to use, but I ask for you to link to me in return. E-mail me to tell me where you put the link, so I can inspect it and link you in return. Absolutely no graphics in this area were taken from other web graphics pages. If you'd like me to make you a custom graphic, submit your request and I'll make it if I have time. If there's a certain image you want me to use and you have it, but I don't, be sure to e-mail it to me, too, so I can get it done quicker.

For your convenience, I've divided the graphics into sections. Each section has specific instructions on how to view/save/use the images. I may end up adding full graphic sets with HTML templates for all you Moonie beginners. I've gotten alot of requests for help, so I'm sure you all will enjoy a Moonie Site Kit!

Use one of these images to link back to me if you use any of the graphics in this section. Remember to use the address It is case-sensitive, so make sure that's the one you use!

SMPalaceSailor Moon PalaceSailor Moon PalaceSMPalace

Sailor Moon PalaceSailor Moon Palace

Backgrounds - Cool backgrounds I made. All are border backgrounds and a few are double-border backgrounds made for a screen width of 800. The extra edge on those allow room for the scrollbar.

Banners (468x60) - Banners you can use for LinkExchange, SmartClicks, etc. Just fill in your text and maybe an extra image or so.

Transparent GIFs - Transparent GIFs you can use on your site or in composite images. All were trimmed out of full images by me. I spent ALOT of time trimming each one so they'd look good on both dark and light backgrounds. Some may need more trimming, which I'll do so when I have more time.

Coming In the Future

Buttons & Bullets - Blank buttons along with some bullets you can use. I threw the bullets in this section because both types of images are really small, so both types together might fill up the page.

Dividers - Some cool dividers you can use on your site. Very few of them actually incorporate a Sailor Moon image, but they still look really nice. All are formatted to work on any size screen.

Moonie Site Kits - Full web kits for you to design a Sailor Moon site with. Each kit will include a background, buttons, a banner, a divider, and a HTML template that only requires you to fill in the blanks. They will also come with instructions on how to set up the site. Sounds good, doesn't it? =]

Tuxedo TwO
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