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Lots - O - Links

I have tons of links, so I figured I'd put a few of them here. Remember, you can link to me and get your website added to the first category. All these links open in a new window so you can come back here. I'll be adding more links and categories over time. Have fun!

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People Who Linked to Me

Lita & Rene's Silver Palace
Sailor Jupiter: 1,000,000,000 Watts of Girl Power
sailormoon's Web Page

Free Homepages

Fortune City - 20 meg free in a similar layout as GeoCities. Runs slow ALOT and auto-inserted banner that screws up tables.
GeoCities - 20 meg free in a city layout. Downfall: Continuously reloading images and popup window that crashes AOL's browser.
Hypermart - 10 meg free. Business-only homepages. Includes ability to use CGI for free. Awesome site manager. I think this provider rocks (I have a site with them that needs updating BADLY).
Tripod - 11 meg for free. Pretty good provider, although I wish there was an alternative to the popup window.
Virtual Avenue - 20 meg free. Business & personal homepages allowed. Includes ability to use CGI for free. Downfalls: No site manager and runs slow alot.

Sailor Moon Sites

To soon have links...


Applet Depot - Java applets to use on a website. Not many fancy ones.
JavaScript Source, The - Lots of JavaScript in various categories to use on your site.
JavaScript World - Somewhat like the above site.
Matt's Script Archive - Loads of CGI scripts to use at places like Hypermart & Virtual Ave.


Free VRML Objects
Kahuna's Favorite Vrml Worlds
OFF2VRML: Sample VRML Objects
Virtual World Factory
VRML Repository, The

Website Promotion

BeSeen - Submit your site to search engines.
Excite - Add your site to Excite's search engine database.
Lycos - Add your site to Lyco's search engine database.
Promoter, The - Free website promotion through 450 search engines. - Promote your website with affiliate programs.
SiteOwner - by LinkExchange. Affiliate programs you can join. You can also create one (for a high price).
Submit It! - Website promotion and marketing. Also submit your site to search engines. - Submit your site to thousands of free-for-all links pages for free in just a couple of minutes.
VirtualPROMOTE - All sorts of helpful hints on how to increase traffic to your site.

Website Utilities

GuestWorld - Free guestbook for your homepage. Includes basic and deluxe books. The deluxe book is free, but requires advanced HTML knowledge to use.
LinkExchange - The most popular banner swap program around. Has excellent detailed stats on page visitation. That's how I found out that the card site gets more visitors than the index.
Toolzone - A few cool utilities to add to your website. I use their counter and registry. The registry rocks because there are no advertisements. Sometimes the utilities quit working, but it's only temporary. Counter has the option to use custom digits (that's what I did).

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