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Copyright & Usage Info

The copyright for Sailor Moon is held by Naoko Takeuchi, TOEI, DiC, Kodansha, Bandai, and others. I have no relationship with any of the SailorMoon copyright holders and do not claim ownership of their materials or Sailor Moon's image/likeness. However, all Content, HTML, and Scripts 1999 Chromium Enterprises. All Rights Reserved.

All custom graphics on this site were created by me. None of them may be used without my permission. Custom graphics include: background, title bar, navigation buttons, divider bar, paragraph bullet, "New!" button, all subtitle images, and any other images that go with the site design. If you are unsure of a graphic, e-mail me about it.

Graphics within the web graphics section were custom made by me for you to use on your own Sailor Moon site. You may use them if you link back to me with the image located in that section and e-mail me the location of where you used them. It takes alot of time creating transparent GIFs and running things through Photoshop, so I'm sure you won't mind a simple link. I'll even link to you when you notify me of where you used the image(s).

Images located in the gallery are free for you to take, except the thumbnails and images listed in the first paragraph of this page. If you'd like thumbnails for your gallery, make your own. The original graphic used to make the thumbnail is the same one it's linked to.

MIDIs & WAVs are free for you to take. I got them from public domain collections or they were submitted to me, so I'm assuming they are all free. I didn't create a single one of them, so a link back to me is not required.

All HTML within this site was wrote by me. Do not duplicate/reproduce any of it. If you need help with a website, just ask. DO NOT, however, ask me to make you a Sailor Moon site. These things take time, you know. I spent 2 years teaching myself HTML, so you can do the same if you'd like to make a big site.

The virtual greetings section is for friendly use only. If you use it to cause trouble, you may be getting trouble in return. It's one of the most popular Sailor Moon greeting sites around I expect to keep it that way. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me. Just to let you know, you can't steal the HTML from that page because it won't work on your site.. guaranteed.

Not all information within this site is 100% accurate, but I try to keep it as accurate as possible. If you know for sure that something is wrong, just tell me what is and I'll check around to see if your correction is the real information I should be using. If your correction turns out to be the real information, you will be added to the credits section.

You can e-mail any comments, suggestions, etc to me at . If you would like to praise my site in any way (which encourages me to do more), please do so in my guestbook. Alot of people check out the guestbook to see if the site is worth visiting, so good comments help keep visitors around.

I hope you have fun here and come back often. Spread the word around about this site. Help me out as much as you can. I'd appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuxedo TwO
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