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Palace Theater

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My Only Love Rainy Day Man Front Door Oh Starry Night The Final Battle

Welcome to the Palace Theater! I hope that you enjoy the shows. Out of all the Sailor Moon pages I've visited, I have NEVER seen a single vivo on any of them. I spent alot of time designing the layout and graphics in this section of the site, so please don't try to mock me! To view a video, click on one of the posters above. Be sure to read the below information first.

These vivos run best at 56K or higher. They're kinda slow even on my 33.6, but still very enjoyable. You'll need the VivoActive player plugin. If you have money to spare, you might be interested in the VivoActive Power Player. It allows you to play the Vivos outside of your browser like the Windows Media Player.

To ensure smoother playing, make sure you have at least double the amount of RAM on your hard drive (ex: if you have 32 meg RAM, you need to have 64 meg free). It might work with less, but you'll be lagging. Also, make sure your cache is set to at least 2 meg and doesn't have much in it. Each of the videos are about 500-800K each. It's virtually impossible to multitask while watching streaming video, so close down as many programs as you can before entering a room. That allows more processor time for your browser.

I'm also interested in more Vivos. I have not been able to find anymore. If you have one, PLEASE send me a mail saying that you do to Tuxedo TwO. I'll then reply telling you where you can send the file to. I'll give you total contribution credit.

If you want your ad in any one of the spaces on the theater front, e-mail me at Tuxedo TwO with exactly what you want and I'll tell you what the price is (not necessarily money).

I'll remove the popup window once I start making money. Let the HTML document load and then you can close it. That site gives me 20 cents each time a unique visitor views it. Cheap price for you to pay to get to see cool vivos, don't ya think?

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