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So you'd like to win one of my awards, eh? Well it's not that hard. Right now I only have a few awards, but I will be working on more awards, including ones for general & topic specific sites. All of these awards have some common guidelines. Here they are:

Site must be well formatted - What I mean by that is I don't want to see a bunch of images and text thrown together. I've seen so many sites with just an image, some text, an image, some text. That sucks! If you want the world to see your site, at least spend some time to make it well presentable.

Images must be reasonable - I don't want to see some rediculous size images (over 50K each) unless absolutely neccessary. And if you do use a large image (over 50K), use no more than FOUR. If you got your image from somewhere else, resize the thing! If it's JPG, you can decrease the compression quality to save filespace. I also don't want to see any image in BMP format. That's an absolute no-no on the web.

Links must work - I can understand a few broken links, but when it's a whole site worth of them, what's the use of visiting it? Make sure the links are just for your site unless you are allowed to link elsewhere. That's the best way to prevent them. I WILL check most of the links on your site if you apply.

Content must be appropriate - Not only should the content be appropriate for the award you are applying for, but it must also be appropriate for the subject you claim your site is supposed to be. If it just a homepage (stuff to place things you like, etc), make sure you categorize it into sections.

Site must be for the general public - I have people of all ages that cruise through here. They might come here just to check who all won and then visit those sites. Therefore, your site must be appropriate for a general audience. No adult content, excessive foul language, or anything like that.

Correct spelling, etc - I think if you want to have a site for the world to see, it should be easy to read without tons of mistakes. If you would like an easy way to check your spelling, use SiteInspector. It will spell check your site and give you suggested words for misspellings. Also, there shouldn't be alot of slang... most importantly, do not replace words with numbers (ex: "to" with "2", "for" with "4", etc). That just looks too stupid!

Decent Load Time - I know that Sailor Moon sites are graphic-intensive, that's why I'm allowing 2 minutes load time. If your site takes longer than that, it better be worth the wait. If it fully loads and all I see is a bunch of images plastered across the screen, I'm gonna instantly leave. If you are using animated GIFs, compress them with Gif Movie Gear, the coolest AGIF utility around.

Awards are displayed by how hard they are to earn. The closer to the bottom of the page, the harder it is to win. Don't be discouraged from applying for a harder award. If you think your site has what it takes, go for it. To see the full size award, click on the "thumbnail" award.

Now it's not manditory for you to sign my registry, but I'll tell you now.. it will help your chances. Because think about this: Why should you get an award if you aren't even decent enough to sign my registry? If you apply for an award, that means I have to go through your whole site to see if you can have it. That is alot of time on my part. So if you want an award, I suggest you sign my registry.

Also, don't lie on your application. I've recieved alot of applications that said they signed the registry when they didn't. I get a notice e-mailed to me when someone signs my registry, so if you didn't sign my registry, don't lie.

Luna Visit
Luna Saw This Site Award - Apply

This award is very easy to win. All it takes is for you to tell me your site and once I visit it, you get the award. None of the basic rules apply because this is just a visitation award. There is only one rule for this one: You must have at least 5 pages. Your site can be of any subject matter (as long as it's rated G or PG). If you apply for multiple awards and don't win any of the others, at least you get this one.

People Who Won This Award
None so far..

Cute Site
Cuteness in a Sailor Moon Site Award - Apply

To win this, your site must be really cute, have at least 10 pages, have Sailor Moon content, and abides by the basic rules. I can't really describe how a site can be cute, but if yours is, I'll know when I see it. The sites that will win this one are probably ones about Chibi USA (I do not think Chibi Chibi is cute).

People Who Won This Award
None so far..

Super Site
Super Sailor Moon Site Award - Apply

For this award, your site must be really organized, have at least 15 pages, have Sailor Moon content, and abides by the basic rules. You can only have a total of 5 broken links and it has to have been updated within the past 2 weeks (make sure you have the "Last Updated" info on the front page and an updates section so I know what you've done).

People Who Won This Award
None so far..

Elegant Sailor Moon Site
Elegant Sailor Moon Site - Apply

Rules are the same as the Super Sailor Moon Site Award, except your site design has to be elegant. That includes text & graphic design. If you don't know what elegant means, look it up.

People Who Won This Award
None so far..

Sailor Moon Excellence
Sailor Moon Excellence Award - Apply

The awards are getting harder to win. For this one, your site has to be organized really good, have at least 25 pages, have Sailor Moon content, abides by the basic rules, galleries have real thumbnails, and contains some original content. Original content includes fanfics/fan art of your own creation, cool custom graphics, stuff like "What If.." or "Did You Know.." that you wrote, and other such items. You can only have a couple of broken links and it has to have been updated within the past week (make sure you have the "Last Updated" info on the front page and an updates section so I know what you've done). This award will be personalized.

People Who Won This Award
None so far..

Superior Sailor Moon Site
Superior Sailor Moon Site - Apply

Same rules as the Sailor Moon Excellence Award except your site has to totally rock. It also needs a minimum of 30 pages with a very cool layout, nicely written text, dazzling custom graphics, a gallery with at least 10 pages of true-thumbnailed images, and any other cool stuff. This award will be personalized.

People Who Won This Award
None so far..

Solid Gold Website
Solid Gold Website Award - Apply

Think you're the best? Are you so sure that your site is the absolute bomb? See if you got what it takes: For this award, you must have at least 50 pages, totally superb layout, very nicely written text, fantastic custom graphics, a totally-loaded gallery with true-thumbnailed images, custom content, NO broken links, some interactive content (JavaScript games, etc.. NOT mine, though.. hehe), media files (MIDI, WAV, Vivo, MPG, etc), and anything else you think rocks. The site has to be updated at least every other day and has to show that you are a true moonie. Your site should also be so cool that I'd be stuck surfing it for a day. Tough, isn't it? I may make some exceptions if I don't get a match, so if you're site is close to being this cool, try it out. Can't hurt. This award will be personalized.

People Who Won This Award
None so far..

Award Application
What is your full email address? (ex:
What is your name? (ex: Chris or Tuxedo TwO)
What is your site URL?
What is your site title?
Briefly Describe Your Site
Did you sign my guestbook?Which Award Are You Applying For?
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Why do you think you should win? If you want to win multiple awards, list the others you want to win and why you should. Be specific, not just "my site is cool". State the requirements you've fullfilled for the awards you are applying for (ex: "I have an extensive MIDI collection, galleries with real thumbnails" etc). Stunning, fast, FREE!
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