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What's New?

Here's where to find information on what's new to the Sailor Moon Palace. I'll update this site every chance I get, but I'm operating 3 sites spread across about 5 servers, so sometimes I may not be able to get to this one. If you prefer to visit only when you know I've updated, sign up for my free newsletter!

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Now for the updates! Topmost table is the newest. I may add to it all day long, so what you see for today may not be all that I'm doing. The news for the day isn't officially closed until midnight. heh.

Saturday, March 27, 1999
Finally got my phone back on. Working on renovating my "office", so I won't be able to work on the palace for now. Check back here for updates.

Monday, March 08, 1999
Edited site info for the 6 webrings I'm in.
Joined 6 more webrings.

Fixed the forms on the Win an Award & Clubhouse areas.
Renamed "Important Information" to "News for Now" on the home page.
Added Chibi USA's and Sailor Jupiter's Profile to the Character Profiles.
Added an animated GIF to the Find Rene game.

Added 3 sites to My Webring. Apply if you have a Sailor Moon site!
Won another award last night. Check it out.

Sunday, March 07, 1999
Created a bunch of new banners to Link to Me with.
Added "Important Information" to the home page.

Saturday, March 06, 1999
I was busy working on a storage building Thursday, and the meter base (along with the master breaker) for my house melted yesterday, so I had no power then. I spent all of today working on that, so I was only able to do a few things.

Added 2 sites to the Linked to Me banners page and Lots-O-Links page.
Added all the awards I've won to the Awards Page.
Moved LE banner higher on index page so LE will put me back as Deluxe.

IMPORTANT: My applications (clubs, etc.. not voting or webrings.. only Freeform stuff) aren't sending me the results of any submitted data, so please just e-mail me the same info requested on the applications.

Wednesday, March 03, 1999
Slightly redid the Home page layout.

I'm having a little trouble getting mails from the forms on this site, so if you fill out a form and I don't respond, please manually send me a mail with all the information requested on that form. Once I get a larger domain, I will program my own CGI to handle forms. (hint, hint.. =] ).

Tuesday, March 02, 1999
Created and uploaded The Clubhouse. Contains 2 really cool clubs that you might want to join. One of them even has prizes!!

Monday, March 01, 1999
Sorry about not updating sooner, but Tripod's FTP wasn't working and their new Housekeeper has never worked. Today FTP started working, so I'm able to start updating again, so here goes:

Moved ranking systems to a seperate page: Rank My Site.
Created Ring of the Palace Society. Check it out!
Added webring code to the index page.
Added Gift Shop banner to the card site.
Created the Sports Trivia Blitz page.

Updated the Site Directory.
Updated the homepage to include the new links.
In the process of creating clubs and a Toy Store (gonna be really cool).

Friday, February 26, 1999
Created Palace E-Mail login and signup page.
Updated the Site Directory.

Thursday, February 25, 1999
Added "Candy" to the Gift Shop.
Created the Song Lyrics section.

Joined Top 50 and SMWPR.
Removed 2 jump boxes and added Starting Point search to Super Sailor Search. Also reformatted some boxes to be 468 width.

Wednesday, February 24, 1999
Created e-mail service - Free E-mail.

Submitted site to 9 search engines (Excite, Lycos, AltaVista, Infoseek, Yahoo, Infospace, Infohiway, PlanetSearch, and Starting Point)

Added another search box to Super Sailor Search.
Fixed card retrieval code at Sailor Moon Greetings.
Uploaded the WAV zips and vivos.

Added seperate counter to Sailor Moon Greetings.
Uploaded "Luna Saw This Site" award. (Was a missing image).

Tuesday, February 23, 1999
There have been major changes from the old Sailor Moon Palace! I've outlined all of them below! I hope you enjoy what all I've done!

Tons More Content - This version of the site has over 50 pages total! (Go ahead and count them all). You wanted more, you got more! Some of the new areas include:
Gift Shop - Cool store where you can get anime cels, CD-ROMs, calendars, and more!!
Site FAQ - I got alot of questions about my site, so I've made this area to save you and me time (hopefully). I still enjoy getting e-mail, though!
Trivia Blitz - So many people liked my games that I figured I'd add something else for them to play! If you like trivia, try this area out!
WAV Archive - I had lots of requests for this area!
Web Graphics - I said it was coming soon on my old site, but unfortunately I had trouble in real life. I'm finally bouncing back and I whipped up some for now. Look foward to more.
LOTS MORE - Just check out the link listing on the main page or the Site Directory. You'll see!

All New Graphics & Layout - I've brightened the colors, enlarged the width, made all new custom graphics, and increased the font size to better suit my visitors. All changes made were due to visitor comments! I also used more tables to contain relevant information and spice up the layout. There's also the navigation buttons to the left for fast surfing!
New Images - The gallery contains all new images! They also have a new thumbnail style and layout. I'm sure you'll like it!
More Awards - I've added some new awards for you! I also better explained the awards in hopes of avoiding confusion, thumbnailed the things for faster loading, and rearranged the application.
More MIDIs - I've added more MIDIs.. and due to popular demand.. included a ZIP of those and more! Still contains the playlength and file information for you to make decisions with!
Fixed JavaScript Games - I fixed some of the JavaScript games and made them look better. I have some more in store for you, too!

Lots, lots, lots more! - This site has been so redone, that it would be best if you surfed it all over again for the first time! I'm proud of my work and I hope you are too! Enjoy and be sure to tell all your friends about Sailor Moon Palace! Please sign the registry on your way out, too!

Tuxedo TwO
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