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Palace Games

Welcome to Palace Games! Within this section of my site, you'll find various JavaScript games to entertain you. I hope you like the layout and if you can think of any improvements or game ideas, feel free to e-mail me! I'm also looking for more JavaScript games. If you know where I can find some (except the JavaScript Source) or if you have any, e-mail me! Do not copy my layouts or scripts. The scripts have been slightly to heavily modified by me, so go get the originals if you want them!

Some Games Provided By - The JavaScript Source

Age Clock - I know this isn't an actual game, but it's still pretty cool. It calculates your age to extended decimals or rounded to integer. It includes the formats of years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Find Rene - Poor Rene is lost in the woods and needs your help! Go out there and find her!

Sailor Moon Attack - This JavaScript game consists of a 10x10 square of checkboxes (enemies). Your objective is to see how many you can check off (or kill) in 20 seconds. Just a little note.. clicking the same one doesn't count. Hehe. My girlfriend has gotten over 60. How about you?

Sailor Pong - This is a JavaScript version of the classic game of Pong. The objective of this game is to, of course, keep the ball from going past the paddle. Pretty easy.

Reflex Test - The scouts are looking for new recruits. In order to be with the team, you must have fast reflexes. This game tests how fast you can react to a message. You get 4 tries and your stats are shown at the end. You get as many chances as you want.

Coming Soon - All original games written by me! Since they are my original creations, they take longer to do! I'm sure you'll enjoy them just as much, though!

If you like these games, play Trivia Blitz!

Tuxedo TwO
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