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Character Profiles

Welcome to the character profiles page. Unfortunately, there are many of these all over the web. Alot of them are incorrect. In fact, mine may have some faults in them, too. I tried to get the most accurate information as possible to compile these pages. I have yet to find an official Sailor Moon site, so I have to go with the most credible-looking sites to get information to compile into this site. If you find any errors or have additional information I can use, just e-mail me and tell me what ya have. It is very time consuming to compose the pages for this section, so it may take me quite a while to totally finish it. If the name is here and isn't a link, that means I will be making a profile for that person. As with everything else, check the What's New? page for updates. Select a character to continue.

*Sailor Senshi*
Inner Senshi Outer Senshi
Sailor Chibi Moon (Chibi USA) Sailor Pluto (Meiou Setsuna)
Sailor Jupiter (Kino Makoto) Sailor Uranus (Ten'ou Haruka)
Sailor Mars (Hino Rei) Sailor Neptune (Kaiou Michiru)
Sailor Mercury (Mizuno Ami) Sailor Saturn (Tomoe Hotaru)
Sailor Moon (Tsukino Usagi)
Sailor Venus (Aino Minako) Chibi Chibi

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