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Site Credits

These are all the wonderful people and sites that make this site possible. Be sure to visit their sites and surf around a bit.

Adobe - All beveled images (main title, some buttons, the buttons on the main gallery page), were done in Adobe Photoshop by Adobe. Very complicated to use, but has alot of cool plugins available. - The Palace Library is made possible by Visit them for great deals on books of all types. Millions of them to choose from!

CD Universe - The Music & Video Shop is made possible by CD Universe. Are you into music? Check these people out.

Gamani Productions - Makers of the awesome GIF Movie Gear! All animations created on this site were made in this great utility. It's way better than GIF Construction Set. Check it out.

Jasc Software - All standard images (backgrounds, buttons, banners, etc) were made in Paint Shop Pro 3.0 by Jasc Software. Paint Shop Pro 5.0 is almost like Adobe Photoshop, but better in some ways. I already have the registered version of Photoshop, though.

The JavaScript Source - Palace Games is made possible by The JavaScript Source. Lots of JavaScripts in many categories with easy cut-and-paste code. I modified all of the ones I used, so go here for your own fresh versions.

LinkExchange - My main banner swap program. I've only gotten about 60 clickthrus with them, but at least that's 60 people that could possibly tell others about my site. The main reason I use this one is for the great statistics on page visitation!

ListBot - The provider of my mailing list. Easy-to-use interface that keeps track of all members and ability to do all sorts of stuff with the list.

Netscape - Makers of the great Netscape Navigator. All of my visitors should use this one to surf my site with!

Personal Postcards - Sailor Moon Greetings is made possible by Personal Postcards. Get your own free personal card site here. Warning: Personal Postcards is not for the HTML newbie (I've seen newbies attempt it and frankly.. they suck.. heh).

Sailor Pooh - She helped me gather media all over the web. Her site will be moving soon, too, so I'll put a link once she does.

Toolzone - My counter and registry are provided by Toolzone. They have a nice set of utilities that are all free.

Tripod - These wonderful people (LOL) provide me with the space this website is on. Get 11 megs free with them.

WinAmp - This site was made while jammin' to MP3s played in WinAmp. Cool player with all sorts of awesome features. If you like MP3s and don't have WinAmp, you should get it now!

Tuxedo TwO
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