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Site Directory

Welcome to the Site Directory. Here you can find a complete listing of all the main pages contained within this site. All locations have a short description that will help you decide a location to visit. I hope you enjoy your stay and please tell your friends to come visit! Be sure to sign the guestbook on your way out.

About Me - Some information about me. Probably more than you want to know. Also includes a picture of me and my girlfriend (Samantha/Sailor Pooh).

About Sailor Pooh - Information about my girlfriend. The picture of her there is one I took and she modified in Paint Shop Pro.

Banners & Buttons - Various banners and buttons for sites. Banners are organized into ones who linked to me, sponsors, and miscellaneous ones. Sailor Moon ones will be in the ones who linked to me because I don't wanna spend time hunting down sites. You have to let me know you have a site and then add my banner to yours.

Character Profiles - Profiles of all sorts of Sailor Moon characters. Organized by type (Inner Senshi, Outer Senshi, Enemies, etc).

Copyright & Usage Info - Tells you what you can and can't take, etc.

Download Archive - Sailor Moon things for your computer. Contains stuff like icons, backgrounds, startup/shutdown screens, etc.

Gift Shop - Stuff you can buy for you or someone else. They include animation cels, games, toys, and more. Items may not be Sailor Moon-related, but are still pretty cool. Check it out. You might find something you like. (All income from this portion of the site goes towards purchasing a big domain to provide visitors with more content).

Image Gallery - Pictures from Sailor Moon. I would post tons, but space is limited. Visit the Gift Shop and help me out. All images are thumbnailed for faster loading.

Go Home - The main page, of course.

Link to Me - You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Visit this section to find graphics to use to link to me. Depending on where you place a link to my site on yours and how big of a graphic you give me, I may end up placing a link in a prominant place on my site. =]

Lots-O-Links - Just links to fun places on the web. If you place a text link on your site to mine, your link will end up here. I will place links to Sailor Moon sites here, but I may not end up coming across yours. Feel free to submit a site.

MIDI Archive - MIDI music from the Sailor Moon series and movies. I can't post all of my MIDIs, but my whole collection is available in ZIP format on this page.

Music & Video Shop - Check out some cool CDs and videos here! Contains some Sailor Moon ones as well as tons of ones I enjoy and you might. Great deals available. Brought to you by CD Universe.

My Sponsors - The cool sites that will make a big site possible. The more that people visit these sites and buy something, the closer to buying a bigger domain I get.

Palace E-Mail - Become a member of the Sailor Moon Palace by getting your own e-mail address! It's free and easy! Your address will be in the format of

Palace Games - JavaScript games, as well as other types of games, for you to play. I tried to make them look really good, but may look messed up in other browsers besides Netscape.

Palace Library - Like reading? I used to read tons before I got into programming and web design, so I decided to make a section for books. Books are of Sailor Moon as well as other anime and various topics. You can see what I think about different ones and you can buy yourself a copy. Brought to you by

Palace Theater - Cool music videos from Sailor Moon for you to watch. Requires the VivoActive plugin to view them. These videos are not Real media, therefore the RealPlayer will not work with them.

Ring of the Palace Society - Do you have a Sailor Moon website and would like to become a member of the Palace? Well join this webring and get more traffic to your site!

Site Credits - People who helped me out and sites who had material that required link credits or had archives that are so good I decided to tell you about them.

Site FAQ - Questions that people have asked in the past and you might wanna ask, too. Also includes some that I'm sure people will be asking, so I decided to answer first. Before you e-mail me with questions, check here first.

Special Goodbye - A special goodbye from the Sailor Moon Palace. Be sure to check it out when you leave.

Song Lyrics - Lyrics to some of your favorite Sailor Moon songs! Also includes MIDIs to sing along with!

Super Sailor Search - Looking for anything particular? Go to this section to search various places on the web.

Trivia Blitz - Are you good with trivia? Test your knowledge with these cool Java games. Register for free after playing and you can go on to win cash prizes. Never costs you a thing.

Trophy Case - Awards that this site has won. I love every one of them.

Virtual Greetings - Send a friend a Sailor Moon virtual greeting! Pick from different images and MIDIs to compose your card with! One of the most popular Sailor Moon greeting sites on the web!

WAV Archive - Sound clips from Sailor Moon. Due to popular demand, I decided to put this section up. WAVs are massive to begin with, so I'm limited in the amount I could upload and they are all in ZIP format. Once I get a bigger domain, I'll be able to upload more and have them in WAV format.

Web Graphics - Cool graphics of all sorts for you to use on your site. I made all of these, so be sure to link to me using one of the images provided in that section.

Webrings - Webrings I'm in. You might want to join one of them.

What's New? - News and updates for the site. Check here for old & new updates.

Win an Award - Think your site is good? You can try to win one of my awards here.

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