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Web Graphics - Transparent GIFs

Here are some transparent GIFs you can use on your site for free. All I ask in return is you use one of the images on the main Web Graphics page to link back to my site. I spent alot of time trimming these images, so I'm sure a link wouldn't be too bad for you to do. Remember I might be able to do requests, so e-mail me if you need one. I'll add more GIFs to this section as I make them.

All images are in fake thumbnail form. You can click on them to view the full size, or go ahead and save them. To save images, right-click on it and select "Save Image As...".

Rei Rei Singing "Oh Starry Night"

Dimensions: 122 x 400
Filesize: 13,473 bytes

*See & Hear her Sing!*
Venus Sailor Venus

Dimensions: 153 x 235
Filesize: 15,013 bytes
Inner Senshi Inner Senshi incl. Chibi USA

Dimensions: 223 x 216
Filesize: 25,802 bytes
Ami Ami in school clothes

Dimensions: 117 x 283
Filesize: 4,819 bytes
Darian Darian

Dimensions: 239 x 272
Filesize: 27,817 bytes
Tuxedo Mask Tuxedo Mask

Dimensions: 361 x 299
Filesize: 37,214 bytes
Chibi USA with Diana Chibi USA with Diana

Dimensions: 147 x 274
Filesize: 11,932 bytes
Chibi USA Chibi USA

Dimensions: 111 x 148
Filesize: 6,546 bytes
Chibi Angel Chibi Angel

Dimensions: 161 x 161
Filesize: 10,953 bytes
Sailor Mars Sailor Mars

Dimensions: 126 x 195
Filesize: 10,571 bytes
Neo-Queen Serenity Neo-Queen Serenity

Dimensions: 223 x 304
Filesize: 12,165 bytes
Super Sailor Moon Super Sailor Moon

Dimensions: 176 x 354
Filesize: 17,949 bytes

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Tuxedo TwO
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