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The Palace Society

[ Application | Society Members | Membership Levels | Society Logos ]
You have entered The Palace Society. I hope that this club will become popular. It is for anyone out there that wants to show that they are proud to be a Moonie. Unlike most clubs, I plan on having rewards for the members. Wanna know what it takes? Well here goes:

1) You must fill out the Membership Application completely and accurately. It is divided into two parts: Character Information and Profile Information. Character Information is what you wanna be known as in the Society and all stats about that character. Profile Information must be truthful information about the real you. No member (or anyone else, for that matter) will be allowed to see it. That information is for demographics only and helps determine which types of prizes to give you. Your real name and address are for when I start mailing prizes (obviously it'd be a good idea if you gave real information). Information can be changed at anytime by filling out the application again and include your membership number (will be mailed once you are accepted).

2) You must also submit a character representation of yourself to be used on your profile page. It can be anyone from any animation show (ex: Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, etc).. no photos of real life actors, etc. You can, however, send a real life photo of yourself, if you wish. Image must be around 200x250 or as near as possible. Filesize MUST be 25K or under. If you want me to trim an image to fit the mentioned requirements, just tell me so in the e-mail. To submit your representation, send the image to with the subject "Character Representation". If you are sending it from a different e-mail address than the one you said in the form, then be sure to include your membership e-mail address in the body of your e-mail.

3) Select a member logo from the Logos page and place it on your website (by using the given HTML code). This is very important because it lets people see that you are proud to be a member of the Society, as well as letting them have a chance to join. Once I create your profile page, you may link directly to it, too, if you wish.

4) Wait until I review your application. For me to accept you, the logo must be visible on the page you stated in your application or in a "Clubs" section that is visibly linked to the page you stated. I do not want to have to go on a treasure hunt for it.

All members will recieve special benefits that standard visitors will not get. They will all be special things I create, such as Sailor Moon games, programs, etc. Members also get added to a drawing for various prizes. Prizes can be anything such as: comic books, videos, gift certificates, cash, and more. Of course I'll be limited for now, but once my money supply starts increasing (real life is a drain, ya know), I'll be able to give more!. There's one drawback: Membership level determines the type of prize you are able to recieve. Below is a list of membership levels, what the benefits are, and how you can be promoted to that level. Membership levels have the benefits of previous levels, so I'm not gonna repeat myself in each. Example: If you are a Moonatic, you have the benefits listed for that level, as well as the benefits of a Moonie and a Fan.

Fan: All members are this, because if you like Sailor Moon, then obviously you are a fan of it. Fans get the newsletter and the special things that I create. Not many prizes available for this group, but I'll try to find some.

Moonie: Moonies supply the Palace with Sailor Moon items. That does not include images because those are easy to get! It includes fanfics (member originals), programs, desktop goodies, etc. A minimum of 3 worthy items must be submitted a month to maintain this level. You may also send $5 in place of the three items. Prizes available: anything with a cash value of $10 or under.

Moonatic: Moonatics have to supply the Palace with at least 10 worthy items a month... images not included! If you come up with really good ideas for the site, they may count as one or more items for each idea! Of course they must be original ideas or better than a similar one already used on a site. You may send $10 in place of the 10 items. Prizes available: anything with a cash value of $20 or under.

Senshi: You have to supply alot to get this high! To reach and keep this level, you must supply at least 25 worthy items a month! Ideas, files, etc are included. You may send $20 in place of the 25 items. Prizes available: anything with a cash value of $30 or under.

Keeper: Keepers maintain the Palace. They must submit at least 15 items a month in addition to $10 a month, or $25 a month. Reason is for larger domain. Once the Palace is moved to a larger domain, there will be a monthly charge, along with InterNIC charges and bandwidth usage. That gets to be EXPENSIVE! Prizes available: anything with a cash value of $50 or under.

Contributor: Contributors are ones who only send money. That can be of any amount. Prizes available for contributors depends on the amount submitted. Anyone from the above levels can be a contributor as well as their current level (excluding Keepers).

All people who are Moonatics and up get worthy mention in the newsletter. Keepers get prominant mention within the site itself, too. That includes the Keeper's name & e-mail, site, and description. If you want to contribute money of any denomination, send it to: Christopher Fannin, PO Box 734, Hiram, GA, 30141, USA. Monitary donations must be US currency in check or money order format. You may also contribute items that can be used as prizes (and will substitute a cash donation). E-mail me if you want to contribute prizes so I can tell you if I will accept it or not.

Prizes are awarded whenever I see fit. They are awarded by either drawings or competitions. The Society Newsletter will tell you how to win a prize. Do not ask in advance because more than likely I won't know.

Do not be discouraged from attempting to reach a certain level. I may review your contributions and promote you at any time. You can also be demoted if you don't keep up with your level's requirements. Depending upon the amount you have contributed, I might even stick you at a level and you will have lesser requirements to stay there. E-mail me if you have any questions!

I hope you liked what you read and join this club! I have alot in store for it, so it may end up being one of the best and most fun around! Enjoy!

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Tuxedo TwO
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