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'I'm a Fan' Club

You've entered the "I'm a Fan" Club! This club is for people who are biased to certain characters. If I don't have the character you want, send me an image I can use. Show your love for a certain character by joining this club!

"What does it take to join this club?", you're probably wondering. Well it doesn't take much. To join this club, follow these steps:

1) Select an image or two from the bottom of this page for the character(s) you are biased to. Remember to save them to your hard drive and upload them to your server. No direct linking allowed. If I don't have the character you want, send me an image I can use.

2) Copy and paste the HTML code below into your document. Change "fan000.gif" to the filename of the image you selected.

<A HREF="" TARGET="TOP"><IMG SRC="fan000.gif" WIDTH="125" HEIGHT="175" ALT="I'm a member of the 'I'm a Fan' Club!"></A>

3) Fill out the form below. If you can't do forms, e-mail me at with the subject "I'm a Fan" Club - Membership Application. Include the following information: Your name (or nickname), website address, website title, short description of your site, and which character(s) you chose. I need that information to add you to the appropriate member areas.

What is your full email address? (ex:
What is your name? (ex: Chris or Tuxedo TwO)
What is your site URL?
What is your site title?
Briefly Describe Your Site -&- Tell Me the Characters You Chose Stunning, fast, FREE!
FREE feedback form powered by
4) Once I get your application, I'll visit your site to see if you placed the code and image on it. If you put the image somewhere other than the address you specified in your application, be sure to tell me in your site description (on a seperate line, of course) where you put the image. If you placed it correctly, I'll add you to the members area and e-mail you back. If you weren't accepted, I'll tell you why. That's it!

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